Plastic Cutting


We present videos demonstrating the experience gained in cutting panels and slabs.

The advantages in the use of a panel saw reside in the superior performance (in cutting) with much less waste. Thanks to blades with a much lower thickness than the tools used in CNC machines. But above all in streamlining the work of the latter as they are used for particular processes.

We turn to us both companies that produce components even of very small dimensions, such as the insulating materials of electrical transformers or commercial displays, perhaps then processed by other numerical control machines; than companies that produce large products.

Below are videos showing the sectioning of plastic materials.

Plastic sectioning by Macmazza - TopSaw panel saw

Plastic sectioning by Macmazza - TopSaw panel saw

Links to display the panel saw used TOPSAW

The panel saw uses programs and optimization software that minimizes panel movements during the cutting cycle. The same optimization software communicates with the machine interface.

Noise control and dust extraction are of efficiency not comparable to any CNC and can be supplied in a complete and guaranteed turnkey package, testable by us with your materials that will be properly sectioned and vacuumed.

The cut materials commonly, also consisting hardnesses or with apparent problems of handling, are the plastic and composite materials of the most varied types, textures, sizes and thicknesses, for example: Corian, ant, HPL, laminate, pa6 nylon, PA66 nylon, polyethylene -p, arnite-PET, PVC, POM-acetal, teflon, ABS, polyamide polizene PTFE Zellamid, compact and alveolar polycarbonate, methacrylate, lexan, Celeron vetronite, TECNOCOL (polyurethane), peek Zellamide.