Macmazza - Productivity


Produce in stock or just in time?

The answer is both

If an urgent request arrives while I have a program running?

Macmazza: No problem! Pause and then resume!

This video shows how the macmazza software has been designed to favor both just-in-time and series production. The possible scenario is shown in which an important order arrives when the horizontal panel saw is executing a list of programs. Find out how to pause the original list of programs to carry out the job and how to resume the already started production list from where it was interrupted.

If you wanted to know how long the car needs

to run a cutting program?

Macmazza: Of course yes!

Our software includes the simulator!

The simulator is a tool designed to estimate cutting times. In addition, it is a verification tool. It allows us to observe the sequence of cuts in an accelerated way. So we have a way to check the correctness of the program before running it.

Hi, How do I reduce material waste?

Macmazza: No problem!

we include the "Optimac" optimizer as standard!

With Optimac there are various interesting features made available to the user. Click on link,,en,Entry Date: September,,en,We have tried link,,it to be directed to the section where the following features are explained in detail: - Export of the optimized cutting program directly to the machine. - Management of the material rib. - Edge management. - Label printing. - Excel data import. - Customer database management. - Warehouse database management. - local or server working mode.

Customer: To avoid typing errors, you can import

cutting schemes directly from Excel sheets!

Macmazza: No problem!

Follow in the tutorial how to do it!

In this video tutorial we show how we can halve times and how we can import cutting data from a csv format


The layout of the cut pieces?

Macmazza: Yes!

Take a look, I'll show you how.

The video presents a tool to facilitate the storage phase of the cut pieces. The pieces that can be lined up are shown in the same color.

Are there any limitations in the level of cuts included in the software?

Macmazza: No Each machine has 5 cutting levels!

In Macmazza we want every customer to take advantage of all the potential of the software. We want you to take advantage of it. We believe in this added value; from our point of view, the customer's experience and voice matters more than the sale of modules on request.