Plastic cutting

In this section we present videos demonstrating the experience gained in cutting panels and slabs for companies that produce even very small components, such as the insulating materials of electrical transformers or commercial displays.

These materials are then processed by other CNC machines, so that the CNC work can be dedicated only to the drilling and/or pantographing of the case. Thank you decomposition of the cut entrusted to beam saw, a machine dedicated to superior performance (in cutting) and with much lower waste due to blades with a much smaller thickness than the tools used in CNC machines, enormously increase yields.

The beam saw exploits dedicated optimization programs and software , Very powerful, making it possible to considerably less waste than any CNC and can be interfaced to any other machine and / or the management software or PC software. Click here and discover the characteristics of the Top Saw computerized automatic horizontal panel saw.

Top Saw computerized automatic horizontal panel saw

The noise control ed dust extraction efficiency are not comparable to any CNC and are available in key package completely and secured by hand, testable in testing with us with your materials that will be properly dissected and aspirated.

Example of special dust extraction dedicated to plastic materials requiring special treatments:

Our client type does not buy another CNC, but makes the existing one much better, splitting the cutting operations on one beam saw dedicated, which normally costs half of another CNC, despite being equipped with:

  • double inverter, therefore with control of the rotation revolutions of the blade and of the real power supplied in the cut;
  • tool cooling with air and/or with emulsified grease;
  • scratch-resistant floors;
  • solutions for obtaining even very small and perfect finished pieces for centesimal precision in measurements and high cutting quality.

The panel saw is controlled via a PC latest generation and adigital electronics, branded Schneider, very easy to use and maintain thanks to self-diagnostics, alarms with comprehensive indications, videos showing how to carry out maintenance.

It's possible ricevere assistenza online, thanks to the integrated remote assistance function. Any spare parts will always be available, in any country, because they have been carefully chosen from among the best brands.

I cut materials commonly, even of consistent hardness or with apparent handling problems, I'm the plastic and composite materials of the most varied types, textures, dimensions and thicknesses, for example: corian, formica, HPL, laminate, nylon pa6, nylon PA66, polyethylene-pe, arnite-PET, PVC, POM-acetal, teflon, ABS, P.T.F.E, polyzene Zellamid polyamide, compact and alveolar polycarbonate, methacrylate, lexan, Celeron vetronite, Tecnocol (polyurethane), peek Zellamide.

This video shows a MACMAZZA beam saw used for the cutting of plastic:

reseller of plastic materials, fire doors, industrial doors and gates for garages, interior doors, dividing panels for external, insulated panels for roofs, cowlings for external, facade panels, ceiling panels, for supporting photovoltaic modules panels, soundproof booths, booths painting, interior furnishing of aircraft, industrial machinery protection systems, furnishing accessories, merchandising: display racks, display cases, food and beverage disposable articles, panels for electrical insulation, transparent panels with high optical quality surfaces, plates machined plastic, plastic sheets for processing printed, ground plates, plastic plates for molds, plastic components for car bodies and industrial vehicles, flatbed, trolleys, shores.

3 names of well-known users around the world:

  • Mitsubishi (electrical transformers)
  • Jeld Wen (doors)
  • Safilo (glasses)

Fully automatic corner plant made to have very high performance. Click here and discover the automatic horizontal sizing plant with angular system:

Automatic horizontal sizing plant

Discover the features of the automatic horizontal panel saw Top-Saw P.

Automatic horizontal panel saw Top-Saw P