"PIERO" Automatic Warehouse


the absolute and patented novelty of the automation called 'piero', like a very talented collaborator. it is a flexible loading / parking / unloading warehouse that eliminates the constant and costly presence of the forklift from the work island where the machine for processing the panels or portions of the same to be recycled are located.
This robust platform (3,500 kg), which loads a weight of 5,000 kilograms more 'flexible stations, and' was designed and patented to solve the real 'bottleneck' of all panel saws Single blade (as well as all machines panel inserted in flexible working islands in small batches), which consists in the difficult handling during loading operations, portions of parking / scraps to be recycled or their unloading carried out by hand by more 'operators in the vicinity' of the same machines with the aid continuous forklift and its operator.
today, within companies, small batch and 'just in time' orders involve a total dependence of operator / machine efficiency on the handling carried out by forklift drivers, always projected from the panel warehouse to the work islands for picking. in practice, the high performance of the most efficient and modern machines are blocked by the handling problems of small orders. moreover, the management of expensive waste to be recycled complicates these processes.
often, the scraps are left in the vicinity 'of the machines with the idea of ​​a future recycling, which instead turns into an expensive final gap -usually in late year- occupying valuable corporate spaces. therefore customers are losing the will to invest in machines with increased performance.
the expensive full automation of the 'batch one' can not 'be the right solution for companies that however also ask productivity' in flexible and can be equipped work stations (or already 'equipped and maybe amortized), with easily remunerated costs.
the forklift driver coming from the main panel warehouse, or directly from the supplier, can therefore first organize the supply to the work island by loading the various flexible 'piero' stations in masked time (while the operator works on the machine). it can also free some stations from not immediately recyclable waste, leaving the various colors, thicknesses, dimensions and materials necessary to carry out the most urgent flexible orders close to the operator. it also allows the operator to change sequences also according to sudden needs ('just in time' orders connected to the network to the machine PC), immediately selecting a picking station and bringing it to the loading / unloading height of the machine at the moment right and in total autonomy.
macmazza panel saws are also equipped with a storage and management software for parkable waste in one or more 'piero' stations indicated by the same software, therefore easily recognizable in recycling operations.
macmazza therefore, in addition to taking advantage of the slowdown in the market by investing in 'out of wood' solutions such as cuts of 130 mm thick panels in resistant plastic, aluminum, fiber cement, etc., has invested projects and patents in this 'automation for panels' which can efficiently feed flexible work islands in small batches and / or oversized departments with all the machines that process panels 'in' or 'out of wood'. in fact, the dimensions of 'piero' are fully customizable and its shelves covered with wheels facilitate the handling of even delicate panels.
'Piero' has been designed in its robustness to be completely built, tested and pre-assembled in macmazza, then easily re-assembled and usable by personnel not specialized in mechanics, or even in electronics.
as can be seen from the attached image, 'piero' represents the ideal combination with the rotating air curtain plane, also patented by macmazza, also aimed at finding an alternative and intermediate solution between the front loading machine and the machine with rear loading platform. in fact, the real gap between the two applications can only be bridged by guaranteeing total attachment to the only 'bottleneck' which is front handling using the truly flexible 'piero' loading / parking / unloading station for more companies. interested in small 'just in time' lots and series. in this way they are pushed to invest in the only right direction to solve their needs while also maximizing the efficiency induced by less manpower, which is still necessary to optimize waste, which is also thus reduced to a minimum with minimum effort.
some customers already express their favor in combining 'piero' also with machines already equipped with a platform, or automatic rear loading bridge, to associate the already existing series with a better organization of flexibility, an increasingly strong point and internal and market efficiency of modern companies. in fact, this system facilitates the workforce involved, the real pivot of efficiency regarding these necessarily 'off-line' operations.

Panels handling on sliding surfaces on wheel with bearing (avoiding creeping)
Total independence of the 5 stations. There are streets in the order of loading / unloading panels
Independent Cabinet panel for stand alone or integrated installations
Predisposition to future evolved cnc
Easy access to the mechanics: maintenance / cleaning operations are simplified
Gearmotor "bonfiglioli" heavy series hdp high performance (94%)
Movement by chains "queen" 1 "1/4
Sliding chains on special chain guides (94%)

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