Questionnaire / offer dedicated

Below you will find a list of information we need to offer to the client our best machine configuration, Technical / listing description. These specifications can be communicated to us by email:

  1. Space: plant layout for calculating the space required for the machine and flow of the panels to cut up the sawn boards and finished parts to the following works, to offer the best machine configuration

  2. capacity: cubic meters per day / hour / week (full truck = 40 m2 of panels cut)

  3. panel size: length / thickness / minimum width / maximum, either input or output to the panel saw

  4. type panels: chipboard, MDF, masonite, plastic, aluminum, fiber-cement, post-forming or pre-edged

  5. all information concerning the offer of our competitors plan their installation, technical data, model / machine name ... useful height of cut (number of panels) and therefore not only the projection of the blade: 45-50-60- 70-80-90 ... 150 mm, competitor's name and model of panels sawn

  6. What are the most used cutting patterns by your client?

  7. Is his intention / experience of using complicated cutting patterns or simple and logical?