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In Macmazza build cutting ethically means to install a reliable production tool by the customer that minimizes the risk of downtime and dependence by the manufacturer. This goal is accomplished with tools self-diagnosis. These give the opportunity to client of autonomanente take action thanks to the tools that are discussed in this article.

We see this commitment transformed into solutions:

The simplest diagnostics with alarm images and explanatory videos, predictive maintenance and self-diagnosis.

Look at the automatically generated alerts for replacement of wear parts

Often a problem occurs in a non-repetitive way. Very often this is visible only to the operator who works continuously. This potentially complicated problem is handled in the software by generating the "file.sta"- CURRENT MACHINE STATUS.

Below we will show how the operator will have to generate this file. This will save the values ​​of all variables at the exact moment it is pressed. As if it were a photograph of the state of the car. This once sent by email to the address service@macmazza.it will show all the information necessary to solve the problem.

Discover remote diagnostics via teleservice

The customer is supported by a series of tutorials that show how to do so fair and independent ordinary maintenance activities. In fact the software as well as show When (https://youtu.be/1Dk7jTk4h00 ) also shows come an activity must be carried out.

Learn routine maintenance with tutorial

Faster and more targeted assistance thanks to triangular assistance. Click here for more info.

Transparency also means according Macmazza use of leading brands components to guarantee spare parts over the years.

Click to find out more about the package handling axes

Schneider – Elettronica Open Source


These are the solutions that express the transparency and ethics that distinguish Macmazza in its business.