Hereunder please find a few information we usually need to suggest professionally to a customer our best machine composition and technical description/quotation. These features can be sent to us by easy e-mail or fax :


  1. space: dimensioned layout/factory to suggest the place for machine and for panels’ handling before and after the beam saw

  2. capacity: cubic meters per day/hour/week (one full truck=40 cubic meters of cut panels)

  3. Size of panels: max. and min. length/thickness/width, both of original panels to be cut, either of final pieces to be obtained

  4. type of panels: chipboard, mdf, melamine, soft or delicate, thin/masonite, plastic, aluminium, fibrecement, post-forming or pre-edged

  5. Any news about competitors’ offer: layout of their plant, technical data, machine name/ brand….ex. Homag with model, max. cutting useful height ( number of panels/ thickness to be really cut ) and not the needed a lot higher blade projection, only : 40-50-60-80-90…..150 mm

  6. Which are the most common Cutting Patterns that customer is doing

  7. Only for DEALERS: How the customer thinks panels will be most commonly cut to size, is their intention/ experience to use complicated cutting patterns or very simple/logic ones?