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Macmazza cutting solutions have evolved over the past 45 years. Our cutting-edge technology and our experience in offering custom based solutions offer advantages for the following categories of operators.
Small industries that already cut panels for several hours a day. (of any material, like wood, plastic, aluminum, plexiglass etc.).
Other category concerns operators who decide to internalize the cutting activity within their production process instead by third parties. So they can satisfy better
common needs as personalization, just-in-time production, high precision in medium and small batches.
Other target category are operators who decide to not perform cutting activities with cnc machines leaving them free to carry out more typical operations as
drilling and / or pantograph.

Macmazza offers solutions to those leading companies that until today have cut panels with large automatic cutting lines. But they decide to enhance custom size production.
or to those operators who want to work smaller quantities by responding to the needs of the market for flexibility and customization.
Maybe even recycling potential waste from the main processes.

The user of the circular saw or trolley squaring machine would therefore be tempted by the Nesting CNC ( very fashionable which adds cut, hole and pantograph). However, you would fall into a serious mistake if induced only to think with Nesting to obtain the quality / quantity results, precision, save waste, possibility of customization and flexibility typical of the 3 individual machines. For those users who are considering to buy a other manual machine adding a second one or third one , here is why these solutions can’t overcome the following problems:
1) The processing space occupied by CNC machine and by 2 usual operators who handle a large panel (if they want to maximize productivity and minimize waste) is equal to the 6 x 6 meters possible of our horizontal panel saw
2) the TS Vertical Macmazza is the most space saving 6×1.5 meters on the wall, see link: ….
It allows precise cut with engraver and digital displays and Plc Schneider which moves Pliers suitable as standard. So that just one operator is needed. It is provided with the installation of Optimization and labeling machine (see link ). The machine can be connected to the office network to fully enter into the organizational and economic benefits of Industry 4.0 (Click link ).
Office programming, cad design software, excel and labeling)
There are aspects such as operator safety, the difficult management of dust and noise that do not allow a comparison between a circular saw and a panel saw.
3)The precision obtainable from a circular saw without pliers, neither compressor, nor aligners is completely entrusted to the operators’ less and less skilled hands.
Alignment is also entrusted to the skills of the operator to avoid the natural “banana effect” of the panels. And to avoid having to square the panel later.
These aspects are solved with the help of a panel saw.

4) Used Horizontal Macmazza see link .
these machines are overhauled and guaranteed by Macmazza.
Electronics and software are up to date. This simplifies the availability of spare parts (PLC Schneider). See link
In fact, Macmazza’s policy regarding the maintenance or replacement of parts is not contrary to the autonomous management of the customer.
See the solidity of the frame in the link .

5) It is obvious that cutting on 2 or more manual machines does not really allow you to produce efficiently. While the work of automatic horizontal machine guarantees more in less space: often quantities equal to 4 circular saws.
Thanks to the Optimization program for cutting panels of maximum size with 5-level cutting schemes. See link .
A single operator ,thanks to the optimized cutting scheme, manages several orders on the same panel (or pack, even of overlapping strips with the same transversal cut – see link .

Minimum waste and maximum productivity even with small batches just in time and always with the maximum flexibility to manually stop the main program and resume from interruption point (see link ).
Even for all these needs of lower productivity / budget / space Macmazza offers more solutions than any other competitor, even if dedicated only to cutting:

A) TS 90 horizontal panel saw ( see link) is the maximum evolution without compromise of all the above, for precise cutting to be edged directly and super optimized in the scraps with only one operator working in a space 6 x 6-7 meters with a single open front space (therefore also between 3 walls / walls and under a mezzanine)
TS 90 works with panels of the European max standard 4250 mm MA. Useful cutting thickness 72 mm, which is equal not only to n. 4 x 18 mm per pack, but also to the single panel today more than ever trendy from 60 -70 mm of single thickness, perhaps light honeycomb or sandwich or honeycomb or composite(see link)

obviously a machine that can be inserted in any automation of the loading warehouse (see link ) and unloading (see link ), in semi or fully automatic lines designed and sold by Macmazza “turn key”

B) Macmazza also continues the historical production which has become “unique” of panel saws with lay out from line and custom-made, super space-saving with cutting light only from 1 – 1.5 up to 2.5 meters, see link TS PFO E .(see link), for perfectly square panels and strips and bars, even postforming of the same size, with a complete range of guaranteed used solutions, new semiautomatic always passing through (from line) or fully robotized turnkey (see video link ). Applications also for cutting frames, post-formed or pre-edged bars, or standard sandwich panels up to 150 mm thick in really small spaces unbeatable (see layout ).

In conclusion, for the most correct approach to your Personalized Ideal Solution we strongly recommend that you answer the attached short questionnaire .link

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