drive technology: a complete and flexible package

Independence thanks to the package handling Aces.

Electronics Open Source

Our local supply of spare parts from the best brands.

Macmazza delivers solutions to customer independently, including on axes movements. The saws in fact a complete mountain axes management package Turnkey Schneider signed. Discover the benefits.

standardized solution for:

  • To guarantee its customers the availability of spare parts in the long-term period.
  • Ensuring continuity over time and compatibility with future updates.
  • Ensuring scalability: namely the possibility to combine a new system to an existing system without having communication problems or compatibility.

drive technology OpenSource

  • It sets up the Schneider PLC programming software. Ciòconsente to manage all machine functions: standard and safety logic and motion control
  • Ability to access the PLC program. Permitted assistance from qualified external technical

Canopen Communication Protocol

  • Reliability and speed of communication for motion control thanks to the CANopen protocol.
  • Communication protocol internationally recognized.
  • Reduction of the wiring and footprint of the electrical panel thanks to the CANopen protocol.

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